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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  January 20, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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local 10 news at noon is two - at i found affordable, quality coverage. - man: checkups, emergency services, prescriptions... my insurance covers everything for my family. - narrator: most people who enroll through qualify for financial help
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this is your last chance to enroll. - someone helped me find a high quality plan and financial help to pay for it. - narrator: sign up at the deadline is january 31st. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >> constance: right now at noon another cold day here in south florida. we caught people bundled up earlier today with temperatures in the 50s. >> anchor: it was cold.right now you are taking a live look right now from our ft. lauderdale tower cam. you know, if it felt colder to
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i mean it is -- you are using the whole closet. >> constance:e have the boots. for us girls it is a big deal. >> it is the time we get to wear the boots and this feels absolutely awesome. i'm enjoying it. i love waking up to the 50s. it was actually the coldest this morning so far this winter seseon. i will get to that in a second. live look out of ft. lauderdale. hey there, ft. lauderdale, good 71 degrees right now. upper 60s. we are warming up things a bit today as we see a couple of clouds over our skies but definitely a lot more sunshine than yesterday. these were the morning lows today, 52 degrees in ft. lauderdale, miami, that was the low this morning. 51 in kendall and even the 50s down through the keys. key west, you reached a low of 58 degrees. so, yes, that puts us as the coldest so far this winter season. as you know, it has been warm out there. now temperatures are starting to warm back up into the low 70s. ststl in the low 60s down in
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bit more cloud cover. winds out of the northeast 10 to 15 miles per hour. as we head into thefternoon, it will feel a bit warmer today but not too much. it is actually comfortable. highs getting in the low 70s. i will have more on the rest of our forecast coming up. >> constance: all right, jennifer, thanks so much. developing right now, miamiinternational airport. >> anchor: we are just learning a plane with passengers on board hit a gate after landing. let's go out live to local 10 news reporter ben kennedy. ben, you have been working this story. what is the latest? >> reporter: good afternoon, michael and constance. we are talking about a double decker wide-bodied aircraft. in fact, you can see it right there behind me in the distance beyond that truck there. it is not clear how many passengers were on board at the time but we do know no one got hurt. let's take you up to sky 10 hd that was overhead to give you a better view as crews prepare to make repairs to@ the gate and the airplane. this is british airways flight 209. it took off late from london and arrived at m.i.a. just after 7:00 tuesday night.
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e-8. you can only imagine passengers and the crew felt the impact but, again, did not get hurt. today we did witness workers examine the aircraft which has since been grounded at this time. they are also taking a closer look at the gate. back live at the airport this afternoon, it is still not clear exactly what went w wng. investigators also plan to talk to the pilot to get his side of this story. also, this is not having any operations. reporting live in miami, ben kennedy, local 10 news. >> constance: ben, thanks so much. now new at noon, a crash on the cause way shutting down the julia tuttle for hours and this one was deadly. officers say a woman was killed after she was involved in an accident and then she got out of her car. >> anchor: another person taken to mt. sinai medical center. that's where we are this afternoon. good afternoon, erica. >> reporter: hey, michael and constance. this is a man who sayse was driving to volunteer at the v.a.
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who hit these two people. those two people, you're right, they had just gotten into an accident. that led to this. they were out of their cars checking things out when they were hit. >> i work as a volunteer at the v.a. and, yes, i was on my way to the v.a. >> repororr: that's where steve was driving to at 5:15 this morning. >> you were driving and they were standing in the middle of the road? >> that's it. the road was almost completely blocked off. >> they stopped immediately, notified highway patrol. >> reporter: troopers say a woman driving this honda civic and a woman driving this porsche got in a wreck in i-95. the driver of the civic and a man in the porsche jumped out. >> they got out of the car to check on each other and that's when the third impact occurred. >> reporter: trooper says that's when steve's s.u.v. ran into them. the woman driving the civic died on scene. the man was taken to mt. sinai
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still in the driver's seat of the porsche also went to the hospital with minor injuries. 4> whenever you are involved in a crash and you are blocking lanes, you need to take your vehicles out of the road if you can safely do so and get to a safer plate to avoid secondary collisions. >> reporter: the deadly crash had the within lanes of t t julia tuttle causeway shut down for five hours. anyone trying to leave miamibeach this morning had to take 395. >> i don't want to think about it anymore. thanks anyway. >> reporter: the man who was brought here to mt. sinai is recovering from a leg injury. he says he had gotten out of the car to help the woman who was driving thehe porsche. she was stuck with the airbag when it deployed. troopers are not yet releasing the name of the woman who died this morning. the causeway opened back up about 10:00. ve from miami beach erica raco. >> constance: bsoso deputies are investigates after a motorcyclist was killed in pompano beach this morng.
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andrews avenue between 13th and 16th streets. no word on what caused that accint. >> anchor: police making a gruesome discover at a home in homestead. the body of a baby was found a freezer. local 10 news reporter neki mohan is in homestead with the latest on this disturbing story. neki? >> reporter: michael, this story ting police from the community in homestead all the way down to key west. a mother threatening suicide on sunday eventually revealed to police she had put her four-month-old son in the freezer at the isles of the oasis in homestead. this started sunday. the woman was on the seven-mile bridge in marathon threatening to jump when monroe county deputies stopped to talk to her. they noticed she had a car seat in the back of the car. they said do you have a child? she first told them she threw the child into the water and coastuards showed up and start
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she then confessed she left the baby at home and the boy was in the freezer. the woman lives in a town home at the community in homestead at the isles of the oasis. neighbors tell us it is a wonderful community, very family-oriented. in fact,e spoke with some of them as they were coming out this morning shocked to see us here but even more shocked to hear what happened to this little boy. >> it sickens m it sickens me. it is not nothing you want to hear about, definitely, not in your neighborhood. >> reporter: a very sleepy community here. not many people that we spoke to seemed to know the woman. she also told deputies on sunday that she had ingested rat poison. she was qckly taken to jackson memorial hospital. miami-dade police then came and conducted an investigation at the home and found that four-month-old baby boy deceased in the freezer. they are justt digging into this investigation to try and figure out exactly what led this wom to do it.
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mentally ill b!t, obviously, under some distress. this investigation is just beginning but, again, very, very disturbing and very tragic. live in homestead, neki mohan, local 10 news. >> anchor: fire breaking out insisi a body shop in southwest miami-dade. this video coming into our newsroom. you can see miami-dade fire rescue was at the scene at southwest 128th street near 127th avenue. no word yet on what caused the blaze or if anyone was hurt. >> constance: now let's get a check of the stock market right now. yeah, the numbers are down again. take a look at these. it is kind of hard to see. kind of difficult to look at.dow jones down 480 points to 15535. nasdaq down also 140 points to 4,336. s&p 500 down about 59 points this noon. >> anchor: developing at noon, the taliban is claiming responsibility for an attack and aakistani school that left 20 people dead.
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gunmen stormed bacha khan university today. several explosions were heard in the area. many of the injured were taken to the hospital for treatment. the university is named after the founder of an anti-taliban political party. journalist jason raisian is speaking out after being freed from an iranian prison. he says he is feeling fine after his year-and-a-half in captivity. he spent the last three days at a military hospital in germany. he says now he just wants to catch up with what he's missed while in prison like going tosee the new "star wars" movie. >> constance: to vote 2016 and donald trump holding a big lead for the race in florida according to a new poll by florida atlantic university. that poll finding 48% favor with trump while 16% support ted cruz. floridid senator marco rubio gets 11% support and formerlorida governor jeb bush at 10%.on the democratic side, hillary
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nders with 62% versus bernqe at 27%. now these new numbers come in after trump received a major endorsement just two weeks before the iowa caucuses. sarah palin saying she endorses the repeplican presidential candidate. >> lending our support for the next president of our great united states of america donald j. trump. mr. trump, you're right. look back in the press box. heads are spinning. >> constance: this is trump's most high-profile endorsement yet. palin has expected to attend a trump rally today but she did not show up. now the reason that she may not have shown up was because of her son. he is being charged with a violent assault. according to the arrest report he punched and kicked his girlfriend and held an assault rifle near her h hd. he is now out on $1,500 bail. >> anchor: tragedy hitting republican candidate ben carson's camaaign. he had to temporarily shut it
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was killed in a car wreck. now according to the carson campaign, a van transporting three volunteers and a campaign employee hit a patch of ice and flipped on its side. when it was struck by another car. >> this kind of situation never gets easy no matter how many times you have been through it. but braden joplin was an amazing young man. i had an opportunity to get to know him. >> anchor: and dr. carson taking to twitter teting out this photo saying rest in peace braden joplin. our thoughts and prayers are with his family. >> constance: new video from another day of violent protest in haiti. the country is in turmoil as the run-off elections approach. thousands of demonstrators have flooded the streets there settin things on fire, hurling rocks and chanting the revolution has started. get your gun ready.
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seemed to cause problems for royal caribbean. passengers missed out on a cruise destination. this video was posted on facebook yesterday showing the freedom of the seas surrounded by groups of protesters and small boats at the port. the cab tape decided to not let passengers off that ship. glenna milberg is traveling to haiti to cover the elections. look for her live coverage beginning on friday. >> anchor: miami-dade police director j.d. patterson is retiring off a 32-year career. miami-dade mayor carlos gimenez and oers honored patterson at the county commission meeting he spoke about trying to foster a message of unity during his career as an officers. >> very important the world understands we can function together and get together and take people to jail together when they d heinous acts to mankind an community. i feel good knowing i am
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>> anchor: patterson's retirement will become official at the end of the month.constance, this mom we're about to meet, she can actually have a reer in law enforcement. >> constance: i know. you don't want to mess with that mama. coming up, she sprang into action during an attempted carjacking. how sheought back during a confrontation and guess what? it was caught on camera. another fight with uber. the legislation being discussed right now that could make things harder for the ride sharing service. >> happy wednesday south orida. here is a look at the temperatures statewide. temperatures still in the 50s for the northern half of the state. here back at home we are warming things up just a little bit.
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of our forecasttt2w`t2n`qd" bt@q#v( tt2w`t2n`qd" "a@q3zl tt2w`t2n`qd" bm8q@ tt4w`t2n`qd"" dztq 8@, tt4w`t2n`qd"" entq hdl tt4w`t2n`qd"" gzt& qc4 tt4w`t2n`qd"" hnt& amx tt4w`t2n`qd"" iztq +$ tt4w`t2n`qd"" jntq 9t@ tt4w`t2n`qd"" lzt& !9< >> anchor: new video at noon, a carjacking suspects appearing in bond court.. they face charges of attempted armed carjacking and e@uding police. that pair right there is accused of trying to carjack an unsuspecting woman but she fought back. theonfrontation was caught on a hialeah gas station surveillance tape. two men and one woman are seen running up too s.u.v. the driver quickly locked their doors and they move on to the red convertible. one of them hopping inside but
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pumping gas near takes action and pulls the would-be carjacker out of the car. >> she is ableeo drag them out of the car while the other on the other side runway like a coward. they both run away. >> anchor: the victi wasn't just protecting her car. police say her twooung kids were inside. the three suspects were caught shortly after by police and found three handguns in their possession. >> constance: uber around lyfk are dealing with another fight. miami-dade county commissioners are discussing thehe ride shares services. the debate has led to protests today. derek shore is live in miami with all the details. derek? >> reporter: we are just hearing a moment ago that the chairman of the board here may be tabling this legislation which would save uber and l lt for the time being. there are a lot of drivers upstairs a a we can show you some of the video looking and listening to this meeti very closely. the legislation at issue here
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chairman john monistein in an attempt to truly legalize transportation networks but it would require drivers from companies like uber and lyft carry higher limit commercial insurance at all times like taxis not just when driving a passenger and require all transportation network drivers to undergo a county led background check. right now the networks do that on their own. the taxi industry believes that this would actually level the playing field. the commissioner calling a press conference this morning to once again push forth his legislation that instead w wld decrease gulation on the taxis. >> we leave believe it is critically important that we pass ledge station today that begins the dialogue of creating a space for uber and lyft to operate in the market. as well of you know and many of you may have used it today if to theecently. uber and lyft operate illegally right now in our maraet.
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>> reporter: bobo wants to see and have lyft and uber stay here in the market, doing it legally, and we are hairing the chairman may pull the more resecretaryive legislslion imposed to the board to possibly bring uber and lyft and keep them in a legal sense in miami-dade county. we will have more coverage coming up on the later newscast and tell you if you will be able to get a ride later today. live in miami, derek shore, local 10 news. >> anchor: right now we are on verdict watch in the trial of a former broward teachers union boss accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in union money. local l news reporter terrell forney has been covering this trial and he joins us live right now from ft. laurdale. >> reporter: michael, the jurors are back at it for a second day in a row. they are deliberating about nine charges against the former president of the broward teachers union. we know that the trial has lasted a little more t tn two weeks now. things wrapped up yesterday with closing arguments.
12:19 pm
time to argue that there is no significant paper trailproving that the 68-year-old stole any cash. instead the office, they say, failed proper record keeping. the prosecutors say he inflated invoices on work done and schemed with a construction owner and friend to pocket about $300,000 of dues paid toy broward teachers.he is also accused of reimbursing political campaign donations out of union coffers. theft, money laundering and illegal campaign contributions are some of the charges he is facing. the jury is approaching about five hours total over the past two days of actually deliberating, so as soon as there is a verdict, you will hear it here first on local 10. of course, we will carry the verdict live on that's the latest inside of the broward county courthouse, terrell forney, local 10 news. >> constance: five people are recovering from injuries after a
12:20 pm
it happened inside an apartment yesterday afternoon. police say thehe arrived on the scene to find five pit bulls attacking a woman. the victim's injuries are life-threatening. two other adults and two children were also taken to the hospital after the attack. five of the dogs were shot and killed while the sixthas taken by animal control. >> anchor: check this out. this is a rock slide forcing the closure of a road in medera county, californini near fresno. officials say heavy rain caused the rock slide yesterday which closed the highway for a ten-mile stretch in both directions. now no cars were hit by the rocks but the road blockage didcause a minor accident. crews worked throughout the day to move the rocking big boulders and debris. tens of millions of americans right now from washington to boston and the ohio valley could be hit with a major snowstorm this weekend. some areas could get up to two feet of snow. now residents living in parts of kentucky are already digging out.
12:21 pm
this morning,up to 4 inches is expected to fall there today. we complain about the cold but nothing compared to that. >> constance: i'm notot complaining about the cold. our cold is great. you can't complain whenou see those pictures, right, jennifer? >> right. you can't complain. michael and constance look at the live view. people are heading o to the beach and maybe in the water or not. the water temperature actually 68 degrees. that's a little too cold for you but it is beautiful to enjoy your day. nice and dry with a few clouds out there. temperatures are warming up slightly. 71 degrees in ft.t.auderdale as well as pembroke pines and hialeah. 70 degrees in miami, kendada still holding on to the upper 60s as well as p ppano beach. but check this out. marathon is at 62 dealing with a little more cloud cover over the area and preventingrom that temperature warming up already into the 70s at this hour. but eventually all of south florida will be hitting those low 70s for our daytime high today. now the winds have been out of the northeast.
12:22 pm
to 15 miles per hour.r. a look at the satellite. you could see there is that batch of cloudss that's lingering over the middle keys and the florida straits and we have a few low and high clouds across& broward and miami-dade county. high pressure is just@ off the south carolina coast and that's providing for tha north or northeasterly flow over us. meanwhile you see this area of snow and ice and rain. that is due to the system that brought those four inches in louisville, kentucky today earlier today. well, this is actlly going to eventually fizzle out. it is this system rig here just beginning to develop over the central plains tt's going to bring in some snow across. i say some but it will be accumulating snow across the northeast by saturday. that cold front actually headed our way as well. meanwhile here is a look at thetemperatures nationwide. nice and mild out west. 50s and 40s b b then you have the 20s and 30s, the teens out on the easrn side of
12:23 pm
and for us, we'll have another chilly morning tomorrow but it is warmer this afternoon. we will continue that slight warm up even for the end of the workweek. now tomorrow morning waking up to a temperature of 59 degrees for miami, inland temperatures slightly cooler. you wililneed the sweaters once again. why not enjoy the cool weather while it lasts. beach goers out there if you are brave enoughgho hit the water, maybe stay on the sand but there is a moderate rip current risk. bays with a moderate chop, small craftperators exercise with caution. no advisories out there. temperatures warming up to low 70s today, 10% for a chance today, 20% tomorrow and increasing cloudiness throughout the day. highs getting warmerr and winds out of the south by friday and that front will be over us friday into early saturday. friday is the best chance to see some heavy downpours, even a thunderstorm cannot be ruled out. weather authority keeping you on
12:24 pm
betty davis will be back here to talk about the next cold front starting at 4:00. >> constance: thank you, jennifer. let's get back to the stocks right now. the markets a a way down again following the continued plunge of oil prices. the dow down 531 points to 15434, nasdaq down 154 points, s&p 500 dn 65 points. moving on a car flippedn its side in sunrise. sky 10 was over it this morning. two cars were involved in this crash and minor injuries. the car wreck did cause lane closures but everything was eventually reoeoned. >> anchor: from a scary scene now talking about a scary illness. there is a health alert today about a mosquito borne virus linked to birth defects. >> what you think you know about the zikia virus. cases in south florida. we are making amazing dishes
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carla is stirring up a delicious
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>> anchor: now to a health alert. a mosquito-borne virus linked to earth about defects has been found in south florida. three people inclung two in miami-dade county have contracted the zikia virus. there have been no outbreaks here in florida but we are told two people in miami-dade county had traveled to columbia in december where they likely got it. >> the chat length zika when it infects a pregnant mother in the first trimester, itt looks like those mothers are having children that have very ty brains. >> anchor: the v vus is an epidemic in brazil impacting
12:28 pm
the country has been scrambling to contain it. more than 3500 cases have been reported in brazil since october. the country usually has 100 to 150 case as year. the cdc has issued a travel wawaing to mexico along with several countries in central and south america and the caribbean shown yr. symptoms for zika can include rashes, fever, headaches, pain behind t t eyes and joint pain. it is not transmitted from person-to-person but you should take preventative measures against mosquo. dr. oz moment another great way to work out. dr. oz tell us about the benefits of yoga. >> hi, i'm dr. oz. i always start my day the same y, with yoga. not only is it a great way to improve your strength and flexibility, it is also a great way to reduce stress and can even improve heart health.
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several studiness found regular yoga can help you sleep better. >> constance: don't miss the dr. oz show every weekday afternoon at 3:00 right here on local 10. now to a disturbing story this afternoon. a dog stolen from a pet store in florida. >> anchor: it was all caught on camera.
12:30 pm
drug deal right after the break. >> constance: a penn state university professor is under investigation for alleged ties to isis. the fbi has been watching him for a year-and-a-half while he was still teaching. >> reporter: kent state university associate professor peno under investigation for possible ties to isis. the 55-year-old man also known as assad teaches latin american and third world history at the ohio school. the fbi probe came to light after the editor of the school newspaper broke the story. federal agents interviewed her as part of their investigation into the professor. >> i had written a couple of
12:31 pm
couple of semesters ago. they wanted to see what we talked about and get more information on him. >> reporter: the school paper posted peno's interview online. he denied supporting the terror group. >> i have not broken the law. i don't advocate anyone else break the law. i haven't been served any papers. >> reporter: peno a cuban native and convert to islam has not been charged with a crime. in october of 2011 he made headlines after shouting, quote, death to israel at a public lecture given by a former israeli diplomat at the campus. he blames the rhetoric for possibly sparking an investigation. >> everything i have done is legal. i fulfill my duties as an american citizen by s saking out at issue some people find contversial. >> constance: kent state told abc news the university is cooperating with the investigation and the f assured the school will is no
12:32 pm
>> anchor: isis online monthly magazine published an image they say is jihadi john. this is the first image of the unmasked face of the public exser. the peculiar follows the confirmation by the group he was killed. jihadi john killed several hostages on tape including steven sotloff. you may recall in november u.s.. officials announced he was killed in a tar targeted drone stake in syria. >> constanan: the coast guard is suspends the search for 12 marines whooave been missing since two helicopters crashed off the coast of oahu. it began when a civilian saw the helicopters flying and then a fireball. all four life rts that were on the helicopters were found but they were empty. it is believed that the two helicopters collided. >> anchor: the governor of michigan is saying sorry to the people of flint for the r ecent water crisis.
12:33 pm
apologize door the state of the state address. >> to the people of flint i say i'm sorry and i will fix it. no citizen of this great state should endure this kind of catastrophe. >> anchor: it haseen a mess. the mayor of flint karen weaver met yesterday with the president at the white house to discuss the water crisis. the president will continue to support state and local officials in the response to the water emergency. >> constance: a florida man is accused of dng the unthinkable. stealing a dog from a pet store and it was all caught on camera. police say that he did thi to buy cra. as melanie michael tells us the tiny two-pound yorkie is missing. >> reporter: you are watching a dive yes, sir deed in actio look closely you will see this guy steal a scared helpless pippy shoving it in his shirt.
12:34 pm
two-pound yorkie according to police. this innocent animal would be used as the cruelest of currency in a drug deal. the nine-week-old tiny pup was traded for crack and c ch. apparently there was no shame in this guy's game. this deal went down in the daylight. we are talking 3:00 in the afternoon in front of a busy grocererstore in a packed parking lot at a popular dunkin' donuts. >> i was disgusted. i ranted on facebook how could somebody sell a little puppy for drugs. >> reporter: bridget royal is the kennel manager at all about puppies and was heartbroken when this happened. thth missing yorkie is so small, roughly the size of this little gal. >> when i come@ in in the morning to clean, is there a box, maybe a puppy in it or something. >> reporter: bridget made two phone calls that day. largo police and 8 on your side. once we put the pictures out there, it was on and cops got
12:35 pm
wayne junior barfield. but that's only half the story. the heartbreaking question remains, where is this sweet yorkie. >> constance: a $1,000 reward is being offered for anyone leading up to information a a finding that little dog. a major traffic alert on the palmetto expressway. this is our southbound lanes here. fire. looks like we have three to four lanes blocked on the palmetto expressway southbound. delays between northst 122nd street all the way to 103rd street. another look at video of what we shot earlierhen the palm was shot down. heavy delays in the spot. if you are heading out you way want to avoid the palmetto expressway and take ludlam road for northbound and southbound access. >> anchor: an ohio man is behind bars for allegedly trying to save his dog from being euthanized. police say he replaced his dog
12:36 pm
jason dodson's pit bull had been court ordered to put down after an attack and almost killed a service dog. but they say dodson adopted a dog that looked like his and tried to have that dog put downn instead. the spac noticed and stopped that from happening. >> i iis one thing, mr. dodson, for you to ignore a court order. it is quite another thing to try to perpetrate a fraud on this court. in my ten years as a judge, i can't recall a more cold and heartless fact. >> anchor: dodson was f fnd guilty of trying to orchestrate the swap and sentenced to 2 days in jail. bad stuff there. >> constance: bad dog story. >> anchor: a controversy this afternoon over a cultutal heritage month at one college.
12:37 pm
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>> anchor: miami marlins celebrating another big signing picture ray chen made his five-year $80 million contract official yesterday. not powerball money but i'll take it. the former orioles started is expected to be the number two pitcherrehind jose jenise f fernandez. now let's pick this game up in the second quarter big dunk over whiteside. our sports producer says callhim the greek god. he came back with a slam of his own in the third and the heat went on to lose 91-79. >> constance: next month it
12:40 pm
college in oregon is introducing another cultural heritage month in april and it is raising some eyebrows. >> reporter: have you heard about this? >> no, i have not. i think i would fall into that category. >> reporter: some students weren't sure what to think. >> does it have to be called the whiteness month? just weird. >> reporter: they were uncertain about the purpose behind the project. >> i think we need to clarify the purpose of the whiteness history month project. you know, it is annvitation to a dialogue about whiteness, the construction of whiteness politically and socially. >> reporter: cries imans is the deanof instruction and says the college is weathering a storm of strong reaction of folks who don't understand the title. he says that was the idea, to stir up a conversation. >> i think at this point in time people don't want to talk about it because it is ugly but it is necessary. it is happening. we are in a city heavily gentrfied and needs to be talked
12:41 pm
>> reporter: most students we met felt race relations is not a serious problem on campus. >> i think it is pretty open. i hink it has changed a lot. i'm from the neighborhood. i went to jeff. that was a predominantly all-black school and here i am at ptc and it is definitely blended. >> reporter: but even the students who feel comfortable here say there is always room for improvement. >> like she said, we talk about black history month and celebrate it and i'm both, black and white. i think it is a good thing. >> constance: me, too. two months to c cebrate for me. the college is confirming speakers and working out the details of the special events for whiteness history monon. >> anchor: i'm not a lawyer. i don't know. i feel like there is going to be. >> constance: discussion. opening up the conversation which i think is always good. why not? >> anchor: an actor being called a hero this afternoon. >> constance: that's right. how jamie foxx saved the life of a driver and why that man is now cing charges. that's coming up. >> anchor: first a look at your winning lottery numbers..
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on xarelto , watch for back pain or any nerve6 or muscle related signs or >> anchor: let's go back to the stocks. take a look at the dow. it continues to plummet. a lot of analysts blaming this on the price of crude oil which continues to go down, now less than $27 a barrel. this i the latest blow what has already been the worst start to a year on record for the stock market. we will continue to follow it
12:45 pm
now a real-life role as a hero for actor jamie foxx after helping save a driver stuck inside a burng car. the crash happened monday night right in front offoxx's california home. 32-year-old bret kyle was allegedly driving drunk and speeding when he crashed into a ditch. his truck flipped and then caught on fire. >> i don't look at it as heroic. i just look at it like, you know, i just had to do something. >> anchor: foxx says he heard a crash followed by some screaming. he calle police then ran to the truck where he found kyle still buckled into his seat. foxx was able to drag kyle out before the truck burst into flames. >> constance: we have been telling you alleek about a boycott of the oscars due to a lack of diversity of nominees. spike lee has already said that he won't be attending the ceremony but he says he will leave it to others to decide whether they should show up. >> i have never used the word boycott.
12:46 pm
that's it and i gave the reason. i have never used the word boycott. i never have said to anybody, it's like do you, we're not coming. >> constance: do you is his advice. the oscars came under fire after the nominee list was released and not a singl minority was on the list for any acting categories. the awarding will be held february 28 in hollywood, california. you can watch it l)ve on local 10. our coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. >> anchor: actress pamela anderson back in the news. she met with politicians and animal aivists in paris yesterday. this is -- what they do is fatten the l ler of a goose or deck often the livers are fattened by force feeding the animals through a feeding tube. >> we need to evolve beyond this. these animals are forced to sufferxcruciating pain and
12:47 pm
injuries throughout their short lives until the day they are slaughtered. >> anchor: a member of the french parliament is pushing through a bill to ban the practice of force feeding. anderson said she supportshat legislatio we are going to take a live look out of our` hollywood beach cam. beautiful day but too cold to get in the water. >> constance: a little too cold to get into the water butp it looks like people are enjoying the cool changes. that guy doesn have a shirt on. he didn't care about the cool
12:48 pm
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>> anchor: tom has made it a tradition to freeze pairs of jeans outside making it look like ghosts have overtaken the town. he says he has done this for a few years and it gets people's attention. he says he does it by soaking the pants i water, then hanging them outside. it takes less than 30 minutes to do this. >> constance: it is uber cool. >> anchor: what else are you going to do? the weather is miserable there, unlike what we have in south florida. >> constance: gorgeous. a little cloudy behind jennifer. >> there have been a layer o of clouds over the lower and middle keys but sunshine for key west. temperatures already at 68 degrees in the conch rehub bic and 64 in marathon.
12:50 pm
most likely stay in the low 70s as the high for today. looking at the seven-day forecast, enjoy this nice weather. another chilly one. tomorrow morning we warm up to per 70s. we weather authority will keep you on track. betty davisis will be back at 4:00. >> anchor: thank you. that does it for now. we thank you for watching. "the chew" is next. >> constance: we will see you back at 4:00. get the latest breaking news at
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